Photo Shoot

The fun thing is that I get to indulge myself in a favorite past time of pulling faces. 'Face Pulling' is a hobby I thoroughly recommend. You won't require paraphernalia or special skills. You can do it any time of the day or night with or without an audience. It's very much your own work without having to plagiarise. It's so much your own DIY creative. And each 'pull' is your own copyright -- no one else can do it exactly as you do. I'm keen that we institute National Face Pulling Day and that we ban, at least for 24 hours, the ubiquitous and over used teethy grin. People get so sick of seeing "cheese" every where they look. It's so passe. So retail. I'm all for facial innovation and a new culture for the every day person in the street. And who knows, practice long and hard enough and you may attain that 'look' you seek. A facial Zen moment that is yours to strive for.In your quest you get to amuse yourself for hours. Coming soon my own line of small portable 'Mug Shot Mirrors' which will allow your easy feedback when the impulse is upon you to pull a face.

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